Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Are you looking for a laser treatment to ward off visible signs of aging and correct the dulling effects of time and environmental factors? Clear + Brilliant gently replaces old, damaged skin with healthy tissue. In the skin care continuum, Clear + Brilliant falls between injectables and corrective procedures, so it is effective yet non-invasive. Sheena Kong provides Clear + Brilliant treatment in downtown San Francisco as a simple solution for common skin care concerns.

meet-dr-sheena-kongDr. Sheena Kong provides both Clear + Brilliant Original and Clear + Brilliant Permea treatments in her office. Clear + Brilliant Original focuses on collagen formation to improve skin texture, whereas Permea is a better option for skin pigmentation problems such as Melasma. Patients can choose to alternate between the Original and Permea versions to get a combination of great results. Dr. Kong can also design a Clear + Brilliant treatment plan that’s best suited for your skin.*

Clear + Brilliant maintenance program available now

A Clear + Brilliant Treatment Session

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Kong will place a protective shield over your eyes so they are not harmed by the laser’s beams. A numbing cream may be applied to ensure that you stay comfortably pain-free as she treats your skin.

Dr. Kong selects the appropriate level of treatment based on your skin care needs and applies the appropriate treatment tip to the handpiece. Then, she gently glides the laser handpiece over your skin. The laser beam works to replace damaged skin with healthy tissue. Clear + Brilliant utilizes the Intelligent Optical Tracking System, which ensures that Dr. Kong maintains proper contact with your skin and uniformly applies the laser to all necessary treatment areas.

Benefits of Clear + Brilliant

With Clear + Brilliant treatment, you’ll enjoy more even skin tone, smoother and softer skin texture, a reduction in the appearance of your pores and an overall improvement in the luminosity of your skin. Clear + Brilliant treatment sessions are comfortable, quick and affordable. Treatment does not require incisions or sutures, as the handpiece only affects the top layers of your skin. There is minimal downtime after a Clear + Brilliant treatment session, and the procedure is safe for all skin types.*

Clear + Brilliant: Learn More

If you would like more information on improving your skin’s radiance with Clear + Brilliant treatments, please contact Dr. Sheena Kong’s medical spa in downtown San Francisco by calling 415-673-7600. We invite you to schedule a phone consult with her today.